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Lawang Bato ES is located at Centro Lawang Bato, Valenzuela City with an area of 7,898 sq. meters and donated by a concerned citizen of the barangay.
It started with only two-classroom building and Mr. Nazario Velilla was the first teacher in 1920. Pupils from Bignay and Punturin attended his classes being the only school in the nearby barrio.
As years passed by another THREE (3) classroom building, and an Army type TWO (2) classroom were built and there was already complete elementary since 1955.
In 1990, a TWO (2) storey, SIX (6) classroom building was added from the National Fund. In 1994 a CariƱo building, TWO (2) storey, SIX (6) classroom rise and the Home Economics building.
In 1999, the Bobbit Carlos TWO (2) storey, SEVEN (7) classroom building was constructed. In 2001, the kindergarten building skeletal frame was started by the Barangay Council and was completed by the School Administration using the Kindergarten Fund.
In 2002, Mr. Bombit Bernardo donated a Computer Room with 26 computer units. In 2006, another Bobbit Carlos TWO (2)-classroom was partially built replacing the Home Economics building. It was completed in 2009 with additional FOUR (4) classrooms making it SIX (6) classrooms, TWO (2)-storey building funded by the Department of Education, Principal LED School Building Program.
In 2008, a Multi-Purpose Covered court and a waiting shed constructed through the Congressional Fund.
In 2011, a new TWO (2)-storey FOUR (4) classroom building was constructed