For the Knowledge of All Parents, Students and the Entire Community Cover in LAWANG STONE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

S.Y. 2020-2021
LAWANG STONE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, in continuous engagement with the Department of Education and with the help of our barangay and city government is nonstop seeking ways and doing things necessary to continue providing school services. Just like you… parents, the first thing our school considers is the safety and health of all our children. Our goal is to continue the study of children and do not cut off the flow of education for the benefit and welfare of every student.

1. In accordance with the Department of Education, class opening is this coming August 24, 2020. This does not mean students will go to school.

2. We will use so-called “distance learning modality”. In this way of study students do not need to go to school. They will stay inside the house while studying the help and guidance of parents and companions at home.
Through sharing learning packages, modules, activity sheets or videos in every house our teachers will try to teach children all the knowledge and skills based on the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC). MELC is a list of insightful students based on their studies should learn and achieve.

3. For now, because of COVID Pandemic, “face to face ( F2F ) learning modality” was not able to be included in our study program that’s why we repeat the children who are studying inside of their homes.

4. Teachers can use so-called virtual or online learning via facebook, video chats or messenger, to connect with children with internet access.

5. For those who do not have internet access or mobile data but have cellphones available or any gadgets can contact teachers via text or phone calls or cellphones.

6. In case there is no cellphone or gadgets available, our teachers will try to make a way to allow their students interactions like visiting children’s residence if needed and Current conditions permitted under compliance with health standards and COVID protocols.

7. Just wait for our teachers to start on June 1, 2020 to start with those who want to enter our school. There is a form to use for everyone who wants to enroll. Teachers can answer your questions for the enlightenment of all.

8. Our school is asking for the full support of parents / guardians to become a partner of teachers in guiding the learning of our beloved students.

Thank you very much..